In May of 2018 Barrett was diagnosed at UC Davis University, Davis, California, with osteosarcoma in his right shoulder. 

Before we made the decision there was nothing veterinary medicine could do going forward, we had Barrett tested for everything which was around $4000.00.

At this point we decided to take him home and let him live out his predicted 2-4 month lifespan with no treatment. The obvious goal now was to love, kiss, play, gratefully continue to wipe slobber off the walls and to be together until he took his last sweet breath with 6 arms around him.


When the suspected diagnosis of osteosarcoma was made and before any further requested tests were performed, I was a nervous wreck. With tears in my eyes I frantically searched the internet for any information that told me this diagnosis was a mistake, God’s plan was wrong…then I got real and researched only to extend Barrett’s life. I was also mindful of the quality of his life for the next 2-4 months. After 1 week of diligent research I pulled together the information I thought might work and created a plan. I started him on the treatment immediately and for the duration of almost 17 months, every day without fail. Barrett lived a quality "almost 17" months instead of 2-4 months. I will always be grateful for the extra time we were given with Barrett. Was it enough? No, I wanted a cure.

I wasn’t willing to let go of race track, hide and go seek or the times we’d lay on the floor peacefully breathing in each other’s breath.


  • Before you take on this treatment know that you must be committed and dedicated to the process daily for the rest of your dog’s life. Barrett was a trooper and trusted me to do whatever treatment I thought was working for him. He knew he was sick, and he knew I knew. 

  • This isn’t a treatment you can use when you have time or 3-4 days a week. My daughter and I did it every day without fail for almost 17 months because we owed it to Barrett. He was completely devoted to our family and filled our lives daily with love, laughter and tender moments. There wasn’t a day he didn’t feel like giving us this, just didn’t have the time or was mad because I forgot to buy his beef stick.


We owed him nothing less than perfection and yes I was trying to delay my heartbreak surrounded by screams, tears and not wanting to take another breath. I knew my pain would be so excruciating that I would want to die with Barrett so my soul could safely guide his soul to heaven…the rainbow bridge...I couldn’t know where he would go and my faith was little comfort.

When he died he took our whole hearts with him. Mastiffs (all dogs) will do that.


  • We made the decision to stop all vaccinations and heartworm meds for Barrett when he was initially diagnosed with suspected osteosarcoma because of the vast amount of chemicals in these products. Discuss this with your vet.

If you’re not “ALL IN” then don’t bother as this is extremely time consuming and costly. We were spending approximately $400-500.00 a month but I would of found a part time job because we were going forward no matter what.

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