Do You Know?


I breathed in your last breath,    

wiped your only tear...

then peace,

no more pain.

And tender, I placed your body to rest.

I trust I will see you again.


But I have stopped breathing and

there will be tears all of my days.

I need to touch you.

Do you know?


I smell your collar and tufts of hair,

still I'm left with empty as I gaze out another tear.

Do you know?


The worthless ground beneath my feet as I search for you...

in all my waking hours.

I can't find you.

Do you know?


I lay my hands over my chest, but I can't heal this deep wound that has a heartbeat.

The hands that healed you,

now useless.

Do you know?


The wound throbs, aches, bleeds with memories of times I left you alone,

didn't play, run, snuggle, hold you....

thank you.

Unbearable guilt.

Do you know?


And yet with me on my knees, head in hand, brokenhearted…

I know you and I will get through this…

in all our tomorrows.

With deep longing from our separate sides, with complete trust…

we will always be forever tangled in each other's souls.

Because we touched,




and loved each other deeply.


  Do you know my loyal friend?






Shari A. Torres