Nichole Marie Torres

My daughter, my teacher and my rock. Because of Nichole I was able to bring Barrett into my life. For that I will be eternally grateful and thanking her will never be enough. Our relationship with Barrett has been reduced to memories. Because of the sweet pictures Nichole constantly took, our memories will always be vivid of our sweet life with Barrett.  



Dr. Fritz, DVM IN Colfax, California

Dr. Fritz was our companion pets’ friend, rock and healer for 25 years. The dedication, knowledge and love he gave us and the entire community before his retirement is admirable. The value of his sound treatments and expert knowledge were beyond measure.

Thank you Dr. Fritz for caring for Barrett. Our entire community loves you.  



UC Davis University of California, Davis, Ca.

The expert care, knowledge, research and sound advice UCD gave us made our journey with Barrett’s cancer easier and enabled us to make an informed, smart decision. We’re beyond grateful and thank you to UC Davis and Dr. Rhonda Burge.



Dr. Peggy Roberts DVM, TCVM Colfax, Ca.

Towards the end of our journey with Barrett’s cancer, Dr. Fritz entered retirement and we found Dr. Peggy’s Sierra Animal Wellness Center.

Dr. Peggy immediately partnered with us in Barrett’s hospice care during the last 17 months of his life. The overwhelming amount of knowledge and perseverance of Dr. Peggy was staggering and right on target. It wasn’t by luck we found her, it was by blessing.

Dr. Peggy’s entire staff is none the less awesome, kind and loving. This is truly a home away from home. We give our gratitude, love and eternal thanks to Sierra Animal Wellness Center. If there’s a way, Dr. Peggy will find a cure.



Dr. Kelly Chandler’s At Home Veterinary Care, DVM, CVA Auburn, Ca.

Sweet Barrett declined rapidly within approximately a week. Dr. Kelly quickly scheduled a time and day for us to put him to rest. This is the hardest thing we must do as guardians for our dogs.

Dr. Kelly was patient during the process and constantly put our fears to rest. She made it comfortable for both Barrett and us, and was professional, loving, kind and gentle. I can’t even begin to understand what veterinarians go through emotionally when they put our loving animals to rest but I honor their resolve and courage to do it over and over again.  We give our gratitude, love and eternal thanks to Dr. Kelly for giving us a somewhat softer place to land when the day was done.