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Healing  Follicular Cysts

Always have your veterinarian confirm that it’s indeed a follicular or sebaceous cyst before you proceed with any home treatment and discuss your home treatment with your veterinarian.

I was able to heal all of Barrett’s cysts on my own with oversight from Dr. Peggy, his veterinarian.  This is very simple but time consuming. If you’re not committed to the process on a daily basis please seek treatment for your dog. The cysts are extremely painful and it’s been my experience that the infection continues under the skin in a deep hole. The cysts will continue to get worse without treatment.

Important: Do not squeeze or push on the cyst to drain it.

First step:

  • Pour hydrogen peroxide on the cyst and let it bubble for a few minutes. Gently wipe the loose hair, pus, necrotic tissue, scabbing and blood off and repeat this process one more time.


  • Gently use electric clippers to completely remove the hair around the entire cyst.


You should now have a clear view of the cyst and the site should be clean. If you look closely at the cyst you’ll notice a hole and occasionally there will be 2 holes. Barrett had one hole that was almost 1 inch deep so do not be alarmed if this is the case. You must without fail, constantly keep these holes cleaned out to stop the infection and encourage healing.

Second step:

  • Dip both ends of a Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide and gently clean out the hole. You’ll see a cottage cheese substance with black specs so again don’t be alarmed, this is normal. Gently repeat this process 1 more time.


At this point the cyst can begin to heal. You must clean out the hole with a Q-tip no less than twice a day using the tumor site spray exactly as you did with the hydrogen peroxide. Spray a little tumor site spray in your palm and dip both ends of the Q-tip in it. When you finish cleaning the hole, spray a little of the spray on the cyst and leave it alone. Once the hole completely closes continue to shave the hair around the site until you’re certain the cyst is gone.




Please note;

Again you can dilute this spray if it's too strong for your dog. The tumor site spray ingredients will tend to turn the skin a darker color because of the strong oils and vinegar. Try to keep the spray on the cyst only if possible. If the skin darkens you can wipe it clean daily and eventually the dark skin will slough off.

Barrett had numerous cysts so I shaved around all the healed cysts once a week as they do come back. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of feeling your dog’s entire body 1 time a week to locate new cysts. Shave the hair around them, use the tumor site spray on them once a day and often they won’t develop into a full blown follicular cyst.

Brush your dogs coat daily which helps follicle circulation and fewer cysts.