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      3.16.2011  to  9.21.2019




I want to offer you what I found to be an effective treatment for canine osteosarcoma/cancer in possibly extending your dog’s life. This is not a cure.

After Barrett’s initial diagnosis of shoulder osteosarcoma, I began this treatment for him with the intent of using it in combination with other medical treatments we had available to us. There were no treatments for Barrett that we could justify given all the information from his medical tests and amputation was out of the question at 200lbs.

At this point he was given 2-4 months to live. What I can tell you is Barrett lived almost 17 months after diagnosis of right shoulder osteosarcoma, with a high quality of life. He still weighed close to 200lbs when he passed.

  • A few veterinarians encouraged me share my treatment.

  • Be advised I’m not a veterinarian or expert in cancer treatments.

  • I’m a devoted mother and devoted dog lover.

  • I researched clinical trial abstracts, naturopathic medicine and used methods that proved absolutely beneficial to Barrett’s body to create this treatment. I don’t pretend to know the why or if this treatment worked. I can only share my experience of it. I started this treatment within 1 week of the suspected diagnosis of osteosarcoma and did not wait for the confirmed diagnosis.


You’re going forward on faith alone. My hope is the treatment buys you more time with your precious dog.

With the increase of canine cancer, I will start our next dog on the Budwig protocol two times a week for their entire lifetime.

Please go to the treatment page first for instructions on the sarcoma treatment.  











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